Transcendental literature, awakening writing. Transformational stories that address the elevation of the spirit. 

Inclusive and synthetic expression and vision. 

Authentic stories, converting casual events of life into deeper insights.

Non Fiction

True stories with a transformational, uplifting, insightful and ethical point.


Essays and short stories which examine human civilisation as an artificial culture, its delusional nature, its possible origins and probable futures, under the motto ‘Hopeless, but not serious’ .


The first part of a novel, a truthful recount of a spontaneous hitchhiking trip in 1980.

The  adventure of a 20 years old eastern European in the last years of free america, witnessing the gentrification of the Western civilisation. An exploration of art, philosophy, contemporary anthropology, sociological and cultural transition between the old and the new. 

A story about radical freedom and spontaneous trust.

Magazine publications