« It is really the energy that I am interested in, not so much the subject of the image. As a still observer, I investigate the powers of nature, the psyche, the mind, will and love. The better i feel their properties and the more I am aware how they interact, the clearer and stronger appear the shapes and colours, the more convincing and alive the painting will be. »



Since 2000, among other works, a possibly historically unusual thematic oeuvre of some seven hundred large-format seascapes to date has emerged. The seascapes evolve in line with  existentialism in its purest sense. They weave together from the movement of many abstract layers of painting before the viewer’s eyes into complex, suggestive hyperrealism, as pure nature reduced to the elements, free of individuals. The contemporary seascape is a niche subject represented by hardly more than a handful of authors worldwide, despite its strong psychological and thus also popular appeal.