The Studio

The four hundred year old authentic farmstead, quietly secluded at the edge of forest, in the middle of fields and orchards, yet conveniently close to a charming village, instantly became a creative hub, when Robert Arató and family moved in, in 1996. Literally hundreds of creatives, locals and from all over the world, have met, experimented and experienced here, have brought their views to share and have learned from the views of others. In 2004, the old sheds were torn down and a new, large studio was built, as a multidisciplinary workplace which currently serves as the centre of activities, from quiet individual work, group work of all kind, to bullicious events.

A lounge, gardens, forest and a very creative environment.

The Big Room, a 110 sqm hall for individual and group work, concert hall and theatre

The Sound Design Room, a generously equipped workspace for creative sound work, songwriting and acoustic recording


The Electro Room, a smaller studio for electronic music. It also serves as a recording cabin for concerts and group recordings in the Big Room.

Each room can be rented half-daily, daily or weekly.