The studio was designed as a creative place for the visual and performing arts, as well as for music. It features besides the main room, a digital music and sound design studio, guest room all in a beautiful and inspiring nature. It is equipped with a top concert grand piano, an array of conventional and exotic music instruments and all studio technology to facilitate spontaneous music making and recording for soloists or groups. Since the very beginning, regular weekly meetings and many organized events with local, national and international performers have generated thousands of hours of intuitive and experimental music. 

lotril four
deh one
lex noctis
right now five
face to face six
lotril one



Apart from that, a long term history research project investigates the character of ancient and baroque music, particularly the performance practice of the music of J.S. Bach.

Bach French Suite II Allemande
Bach Partita II Courante
Bach Partita I Sarabande
Bach Toccata e Adagio
Bach Italian Concerto F Andante