Robert Arato is an interdisciplinary researcher and vocation-motivated visual artist, strictly committed to the stoic spiritual community and academic practice, as well as to a universal humanist professional ethos. His work is dedicated to radical realism, the experience of reality as energy, and the existential phenomena that arise from it, in particular the relationship between the observer and the observable, between reality and illusion, authenticity and self-betrayal. The individual works range from abstract minimalism to complex neorealism, are confidently recognisable in their handwriting, but do not seek a particular style. The craft goal and challenge is the mastery and synthesis of daring pictorial means.

As a type of artist, Robert Arato represents the group of existentialists, universal explorers and stoics. He understands art as a language of intuition, the natural organ of immediate perception of things as energy, which subsequently the mind recognises as will, the intellect conceives as idea, the sensation feels as impression and the body locates in time and space, and thus interprets as experienceable reality. He defines the complete correspondence of intuition and reality as authenticity, the basic principle of both nature and art. Thus, for him, art forms a bridge to the origin of human, a reliable remedy against civilisation’s basic betrayal of (its own) nature.

Arato’s artistic work forms the synthesis and essence of diverse activities in various fields such as historical research, anthropology, film and theatre, aviation, innovative technologies, with numerous contributions to research and the public, some of which have received international recognition. He is also active as an author, musician and performer. For about twenty years, he has been working on the phenomena of realisation, projection and illusion as a relationship between observer and world.